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ClearLift Hollywood 4D

What is ClearLift Hollywood 4D Lift and how does it work?

Harmony ClearLift is an innovative fractional non -ablative 1064 nm laser. Unlike traditional skin resurfacing, this technology divides the laser into multiple fractions. This allows it to penetrate deeper into the dermis and cause regeneration from within. The outer skin is not harmed in any way, and this means there is little or no redness. There are essentially no signs that you have had the treatment.

ClearLift is ideal for the lines around the eyes and mouth but is suitable for the cheeks and forehead too.

How long does a treatment last?


The ClearLift Hollywood 4D Lift takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

How many treatments do I need?

Everyone is individual but we would expect around 4 -5 treatments. Most individuals will however see clear results after just 1 treatment.

Am I suitable for the treatment?

Most people are suitable for skin resurfacing.

Your medical history will be discussed with you prior to treatment as part of your free consultation. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We will always carry out a small test patch 24-48 hrs before your treatment begins.

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