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Private GP Consultation


Our bodies work hard for us everyday. We may not always realise it but the bump and grind of daily life can take its toll. Just like your car has its annual MOT to ensure it’s roadworthy and to catch any problems early on, your body deserves the same level of attention and care. We recommend that a private GP Consultation able to help you with almost any medical problem for which you would normally see your NHS GP.


These investigative procedures will highlight ways in which you can improve your overall health. Our team of experienced and friendly doctors are committed to providing expert advice and support, giving you the help you need to make positive diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes. We’re always on hand to give confidential advice . This includes health screens, blood tests, prescriptions, certificates, sick notes and referrals.




  • Private Video Appointments

  • Blood Tests

  • Sexual Health

  • Certificates & Medicals


  • Specialist Referrals

  • Imagin, Investigation and Procedures

  • Immigration & Visa Medicals

  • Medications & Prescriptions



Appointments can be made for any health concern you have and are scheduled to last at least 20 minutes. This allows the doctor to listen to you and understand your symptoms, take a detailed medical and family history and undertake a physical examination if required.

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